Jess Ceramics

Get to know Jess


Jess has been fascinated by ceramics almost all her life. At first she was completely captivated by a little ceramics spaceship that her brother had made during a visit to a family friend. In later years, as a social services student, she visited the university library time and again to discover more on the subject.  And about 21 years ago, while living in Prieska in the Northern Cape, she bought a ceramics kiln from a lady whose clay making fuelled yet more interest in her already curious mind – simply because she “knew” she would use it some day.

But it was not until a decade later that this former children’s creativity developer started taking lessons in wheel work from master ceramicist Ralph Johnson–and discovered her remarkable talent.

It has since led her to teaching ceramics classes to private students as well as residents of the National Institute for the Deaf’s protected living and working village, Lewensruimte.

The opportunity of an own range finally came in 2010. Jess Ceramics got off to a flying start and Jess’s handiwork is set to find its way into the home of many a South African who loves the finer things in life.

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