Jess Ceramics

Prepare to love it


Tucked away in a little home studio in Worcester, Jessica van Tonder creates work of art after work of art.

Jess Ceramics – a recently created range of china white functional ware for the kitchen – has already stolen the hearts of many. Jess’s creations have made their way into the likes of Reuben Riffel’s famous high-end restaurant Reuben’s and were among the exclusively selected ranges by Western Cape exhibitors to be sold at Kamersvol Geskenke in Irene, Centurion in 2010.

Each piece is hand-made and meticulously decorated into a collector’s piece that not only testifies to the passion of the artist, but will also bring a piece of beauty into your home.

The Jess Ceramics factor


Each piece in the Jess Ceramics range is completely hand-made from the very beginning to the very end.  And as Jess lets herself be guided by her creativity and intuition alone – not by a plan or design – every finished product is a surprise and a completely unique creation.

The decorative process is an intricate one. Even the tiniest dot on her vast range of hand-made moulds, and the smallest spec of red paint, are applied by hand.

Colour, especially her favourite red, is used to create an element of surprise here and there, adding that x-factor touch that distinguishes her creations from all others and turns them into items fit for even the most discerning customer’s collection.

work of art...